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About The Exorcism of Danny Fontaine

The Exorcism of Danny Fontaine is a horror rock musical film, written and performed by Danny Fontaine (formerly of the band The Horns of Fury).

The film tells the story of a fictional character called ‘Danny Fontaine’ (any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental), tormented by his inner demons …who compel him to murder. Driven to desperation, he seeks help from the Church, and a sympathetic Priest agrees that an exorcism is his only hope. The story takes place on the night of an All Hallows’ Eve pageant, where every demon is an actor, but only one actor is a potential demon…

To bring this story to the screen, director Chris Lincé is joining forces with the stunning creative collective: Shotgun Carousel, who will be bringing their own sense of theatrical magic to the film. If you love demonic possession films, a Dario Argento aesthetic, a Coffin Joe sensibility, a Jan Švankmajer visual magic, or just enjoy kicking back and watching Phantom of the Paradise, Repo! The Genetic Opera, or The Wicker Man, chances are you’ll enjoy The Exorcism of Danny Fontaine.

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