Making Jonas Brothers documentary was cathartic for the band

Reliving old disputes for the new Jonas Brothers documentary was painful but cathartic for Joe Jonas.

The singer and his bandmates and siblings Kevin and Nick have documented their rise to fame, the band's 2013 split, and its pop comeback in Chasing Happiness, in which they each lay bare their feelings about their difficult break-up, which was initiated by Nick.

In the film, Joe is featured breaking down as he recalls the rough period in their relationship as brothers and colleagues, and, reflecting on the emotional production, the singer admits the on-camera discussions were very much like therapy.

"(It) definitely felt like a counselling session or a therapy session at times," he shared on U.S. breakfast show Today.

"You also have to remember 10 years ago, so, where we were, what we were having these conversations about, and also some of that hurt. You kinda put it under the rug, so (we had) to pull that out again and to say, 'Alright, here it is, let me work through this.'"

Joe, Nick, and Kevin also had to ask one another if they were ready to finally spill all about the difficult time in public, having previously claimed their split was amicable.

He added, "For us, just to sit in a room together and go, 'Are we really gonna go there?' (was also a hurdle to overcome)."

Sitting down to make the documentary actually inspired the trio to begin considering plans for a Jonas Brothers comeback, which was made official in March (19) with Sucker, their first single in six years.

On Friday (07Jun19), the band released its new album, Happiness Begins, days after Chasing Happiness premiered on the Amazon streaming service.

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